Our wired and wireless communication solutions are devised to meet data centres, enterprises, service providers, etc., We offer any-where, any-time, any-device service. Our solutions include FPGAs, SoCs, 3DIC with intelligent IP that can be customized to meet market needs.

With Strong resurgence in base station design, there is a robust desire to reuse IP in whatever the ways it is possible. Vantageous design’s by our specialist helps you to optimally customize IP at a faster pace with more flexibility and time to market compared to that provided by others in the market.

Our range of products caters best-in-class feature, richness, bandwidth scalability, and flexibility to ensure support for now and future. We have a group of versed wired and wireless specialist who can endeavor to answer all your digital technology queries, Sketch and Scale your ideas. Further more we cater our customers with industries leading hardware, software IP and design services.We enable more cost effective wired and wireless solutions with agility and help equipment manufactures stand out of their competitors.