FLDEC Systems FPGA/SoCs devices are unique thus used in many embedded computing applications and high geared control systems. We hand pick smorgasbord of paradigms from industries leading FPGA/ SoCs and have catered cost-optimized, comprehensive, high performance, high capacity, high bandwidth device services.

Our FPGA/SoCs device service has offered next level solution in areas of defense, aerospace, military, automotive and many other industries. In fact FPGA/ SoCs devices serviced by us has enhanced edge computing in the era of internet of things. We adhere to strict standards while offering FPGA/SoCs device services.

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FLDEC Systems wide range of MPSoCs, RFSoCs devices helps in integrating hardware component (FPGA) with that of software parts (Processor). we strive hard to assure error free communication between the both. Our MPSoCs, RFSoCs device services serves customer with high performance, flexible and scalable system performance while consuming low power, cost and time to market. Furthermore our MPSoCs, RFSoCs devices gives full scale software programmability and user customization to optimize, differentiate, add or remove peripherals to accelerate their needs. Our MPSoCs, RFSoCs devices have served automotive and defense domains to greater extent.

3DICS are said to be optimal alternatives for transistor scaling beyond Moore’s law. FLDEC Systems 3DICS increases integration, reduce interconnect delays and improve system performance. With increase in routing, bandwidth and memory optimization our 3DICS offer extreme utilization for next generation applications. Our custom heterogeneous 3DICS deliver flexible way to integrate SoC design with high logic density and bandwidth.

QorlQ & Power PC

FLDEC Systems a pioneer in designing, qualifying, and up-screening processors. We have high-performance devices based on QorIQ and Power PC for defense, navy, aerospace, military, telecom switches and routers, multimedia, digital signal processing, automotive and industrial.

QorIQ and Power PC caters high efficiency, high performance instant interchangeability for embedded applications with extreme profitability.

  • FLDEC Systems engineers with extended experience in QorIQ and Power PC have designed, developed, tested and validated various series of processors ( T-series, P-series, layer scape and power QUICC, etc.,) with profound worldliness.

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Intel Processor, Atom Processor

Intel and Atom processor offers first rate high performance support, processing speed, security, media performance, graphic quality, dynamic power sharing and better power management. Understanding Intel and Atom processors advancement in embedded domain FLDEC systems has matriculated and facilitated customers with wide range of products and applications.

Our engineers with years of In depth experience and know-how, have designed ultra -low voltage microprocessors/ products /hardwares/ BSP & drivers/ firmware, and embedded applications. We do have catered manufacturing, production, testing, validation support service for variety of industries including telecom, automotive, audio and video industries, etc.,

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The AI focused GPU & ML processor in recent times have redefined the way we interact with our devices, machines and applications. FLDEC Systems tech geeks have worked on AI focused GPU & ML processor to cater secured high-end graphics and better efficiency across numerous applications such as real time image and signal processing, distributed control system, autonomous navigation and multi-spectral imaging. Our AI & ML based ARM-GPU are smarter. They learn, adapt to newer algorithms/ environments, analyze data and make decisions intrinsically just like humans.

We are known for our tremendous performing rugged GPU card development. With help of our cutting edge hardware platform and software’s we cater custom built GPU cards and processors as per customer needs. FLDEC Systems are expertised in AI/ML based firmware development, Digital logic design, schematic capture, analog circuit design, custom prototype, system integration and PCB layout.

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ARM-Neural CPU

ARM- Neural CPU are expanding into more applications and are reformulating the era of system with their smartness. We are early adopters of present day technologies. We cater our customers highly optimized software with ultra-efficient custom processor. Our group of engineers working in contemporary labs with ARM-Neural CPUs strive hard to cater better hardware and software optimization to improve overall performance of system. Furthermore FLDEC Systems assures to offer significant machine learning performance.

ARM- Neural CPU in combination with our boards and kits becomes more power efficient, improves system performance by 4x, and caters best in class raw data processing. With extended capability we cater elite neural processors solutions to telecom, military, navy, aerospace, defense, industries with faster/ productive/ energy efficient systems, and mobile users with HD gaming/ enhanced VR &AR experience.

Our neural processors runs in combination with existing CPU there by reducing total changeover cost.

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DSP Processor

A digital signal processor is used to process signal digitally. Our range of DSP processors makes transmission and reception more efficient, effective and faster. Our DSP processors are well built to sustain scatological situations today, tomorrow, and beyond. We do offer cost-optimized, on time custom stable supply of DSP processor for your embedded designs.

FLDEC Systems DSP processors indeed have offered control optimization for embedded applications, communication satellites, automotive, power units, digital sound and image processing, consumer electronics, digital communications, digital entertainments, medical electronics, industrial electronics, modems,etc.,

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