FLDEC Systems completely augments your video experience. We collaborate with leading companies and enterprises to provide you most sustainable solution to manage the video process from acquisition to delivery, thru an user-friendly interface.

The development of mobile internet has thoroughly reformulated audience engagement in terms of the way they view media and entertainment, think and task. What so ever the reason people always expect the elite digitally possible way to view content, no matter what device they use and what geographical location they are in.

Our line of products like multi service video processing transcoder, media encapsulator or media processor, encoders, receivers, decoders, control systems, and virtual origin services seamlessly help you to provide next gen video infrastructure.

With integration of cloud APIs (Application Program Interface) we cater consistent user interface across diverse platforms with high optimization, handling capability. We provide custom camera drivers for different resolutions and frame rates. Furthermore we provide multi-device and multi-user support on multiple access networks.