Video Processing

FLDEC Systems has implemented an extensive variety of video processing functions ranging from simple convolutions to perplexed motion-adaptive de-interlacing functions. We facilitate and develop custom video processing designs.

FLDEC Systems FPGA IP plays a vital role in image processing and display applications such as video surveillance, video conferencing, broadcast, medical and military imaging.

Our cores are adaptive and customizable thus you can mix and match with our Intellectual Property. Our FPGA IP cores for video processing includes video format conversion, De-interlacing, color space conversation, photometric sensor connection, automatic contrast control, Linear and non-linear 2D filtering.


Our wide range of connectivity solutions will aid you to connect FPGA IP cores with other chipset and aid chipsets to internally connect with FPGA to derive contemporary solutions over a dispute.

We enhance your design productivity by providing you optimized IP core for FPGA and SoCs internal and external connectivity with high bandwidth and performance. Our IP core are flexible that they cover all key markets and applications.

With topnotch lab facility we are able to provide assorted boards, hardware, tools, and kits for multiple connectivity, integration.


Ethernet has gained its reputation being highly flexible, reliable and have been adapted on account of its high performance capability across multiple disciplines including various protocols and Local Area Network (LAN).

FLDEC Systems has ethernet solutions for all types of design that you need, to scale your industry. Our accelerated ethernet FPGA IP supports 10Mbps, and 1Gbps data rates on all FPGA modules developed by us. Additionally we do have used FPGA IP to develop portfolio of ethernet products.

Our range of products includes 10G ethernet, 25G ethernet, 40G ethernet, 50G ethernet, 100G ethernet, 400G ethernet and beyond.

External Memory Interface

Our memory interface design solutions answers up to date memory interface disputes. Unified FPGA and SoCs at FLDEC Systems have hardened memory controllers with high performance memory interface to speed up engineering cycle and time to market attitude. We in turn will help you to achieve high efficiency and latency.

FLDEC Systems provides you contemporary device architecture, customizability, software, engineer design kit with a metaphor for easy understanding and quick start. With a wide variety of EMI outcomes by us you will be in a position to compare and target audience as per their needs and criterion. Our external memory interface solution includes high performance multi in multi out option, first in first out option, DDR/DDR3/GDDR memory controller options.

PCI Express

PCI Express is a feature rich protocol whose data transfer rate starts from 2.5GB and go beyond. They cater peripheral devices interconnection, and chip to chip interface.

FLDEC Systems PCI Express caters high performance, scalable, interconnection and interface -thus they are used in a wide range of applications including embedded computing and communication platforms, Data centers, military, enterprises, and other markets.

We aid customers bridge broad range of protocol standards by providing compatible custom PCI drivers, softwares and OS. We provide low-cost, low-power programmable solution with high- throughput, multi function support, and advanced error reporting feature there by to harden sub-systems in devices.

ARINC 818, DO-254

Our new innovation design and verification IP core was eventually designed to merge with FPGA to provide complete hardware solutions. Our ARINC 818, Do-254 compliance IP core offers full specifications of processor re-usability, and safety-critical analysis, thus used in wide range of parts at varying operating rates at aerospace. More over our IP cores makes design integration task too cushy.

IP cores developed here at FLDEC Systems offers standard interface implementation with ease and supports offload processing in hardware at 5G data rates.