PCB Loader

Our company is equipped with contemporary PCB machinery whose reflexes are world-beating. Our PCB machinery consists of prolific loader capable of accommodating 200 bare PCB’s of width 600mm and length 1m for one complete cycle.

PCB Cleaner

The brimming bare PCB boards are then vacuum cleaned inside our meticulous PCB cleaner to ensure the PCB boards are free of grim and other contaminants as these conjointly affects the nature of PCB boards making them unpredictable, hazardous and abbreviate their life span.

PCB Cleaner FLDEC Systems

Printer (Solder Paste)

Printer (Solder Paster) FLDEC Systems

The vacuumed PCB boards are then subjected into our versed state of art printer which smears soldering paste on to PCB boards at a faster pace in less than 10 seconds per board.


The coated boards are evaluated by our unconventional three dimensional solder paste inspection system (3D-SPI). The 3D-SPI used by us has advanced features such as it delivers true volume measurement and world-beating usability. Being designed with avant-grade dual illumination sensor. It is able to cater high repeatability and reproducibility even on the least possible accumulations. The touch feature makes human machine interface phenomenal, and provides impeccable inspections.

Pick and Place

The boards are now ready for computerized component mounting, our pick and place machine is precocious providing maximum momentum of 1.5Lakh CPH(Components per hour) with rigorous precision. The machine provides cushy customization’s of fast new product production to use and are well suited to handle package’s ranging from 10105 to 125 x 125mm. In addition to the above aforementioned they‘ve added perks such as the conveyors are intelligent and capable of operating with one or two tracks, The feeders are original, well-informed, wise and are extremely reliable and precise. They require minimum maintenance to offer accuracy and performance across their entire life cycle.

The Reflow Oven

The reflow oven ensure electronic components are mounted extremely well together by levying them thru dynamic jigs with high quality and reliable 9 top and bottom heaters, and abate them with 3 cooling zones which are customizable to precision as per requirements in presence of nitrogen with exquisite performance providing control accuracy at ±1°C.

The Reflow Open FLDEC Systems


3D AOI_Web FLDEC Systems

The PCB boards out from reflow oven are gauged to ensure no shortcomings with the help of 3D automated optical inspection (3D-AOI). Our gratifying 3D-AOI system maximizes ROI and line utilization with multi-view 3D sensors that capture and transmit data simultaneously, and in parallel, accelerating 3D inspection speed versus alternate technology. The proprietary Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) technology combined with extraordinarily redefined 3D fusing algorithms offers microscopic image quality at production speeds. An uncomplicated, intuitive user interface with touch control facilitates stripped-down coaching and operator interaction. In addition to that our 3D-AOI are powered by AI2 (Autonomous Image Interpretation), which are efficient to inspect ‘ANYTHING’ without having to anticipate defects or predefine variance. AI2 offers precise control even with excessive variance and delivers accurate results with just one example. All of this implies very cheap false calls, zero escapes and stripped calibration.

Incircuit Tester

The PCB boards thus developed here are tested towards reducing the ambiguity about the boards. We validate the board being developed is what the user needs. In addition to that we ensure your PCB boards developed here are highly functional, Reliable, secured, useable and so on. The PCB boards made here are tested using progressive Incircuit tester which comprises two levels of testing namely Power-on test and functional test.

Power-on testing

Power-on testing is crucial and necessary to test the PCB board due to uncertainty as to the nature of failure. We use unified techniques and closely examine PCB boards developed here and ensure they don’t get damaged when power supply is applied. Our optical inspection methodology also lends users to trouble shoot without the aid of supporting documentation such as schematics.

Functional test

Functional test is the last phase in testing. We carry out this test in automated fashion by the emulation of the environment in which the board is expected to operate and guarantee that issues are corrected maintaining its functionality.We do this in an closed FCT environment which consists of boards that communicate with an DOT (Device under test) with the help of user defined connectors rather than using test point on the PCB.


A set of 200 superior, greatest and elite PCB boards are ready to be unloaded with the help of best in class unloader which is a flexible little platform meeting all technical specification. A new set of PCB boards are reiteratively ready for new transformations.

Rework Facility

BGA Rework Station

BGA Rework Station FLDEC SystemsBGA Reworkstation FLDEC Systems

We provide out of the world rework facility to your PCB board disputes. Our cutting edge hybrid BGA re-workstation caters tremendous accuracy of ±0,040mm to 0,070mm. They are featured packed and consume ostensible power of 5500VA to operate. They are equipped with 5 mp, USB2 high resolution camera to amplify the photon-to-electron charge directly from pixel. We use 5-8 bar 1001/min pressure of clean dry air to rework PCB boards. In addition our BCA rework station consists of six magnet holders of dimensions 40, 5mm (3xstandard,3xeasylock) to hold PCB such that ensuring there is no causality of PCB board components with high veracity. Our BGA re workstation is versatile that they can be used to rework smorgasbord of large PCB boards like PCs, laptops, and server boards with small upto very big components.

BGA Reballing

Our high-veracity, constructive BGA reballing machine services in no time and reworks BGA components that require reballing. Reballing is often required to when the BGA component solder balls needs to be changed from lead-free to leaded. Every BGA component rework project is done as per standards levied by you no matter whats the count of the board is.

BGA Reballing FLDEC SystemsBGA Reballing FLDEC Systems

3D X-Ray Machine

It is easy for us to inspect, counter fit component screening and get faultless PCB boards with the help of our extremely functioning and enthralling 3D X-ray machine. Our 3D X-ray machine consists of 30 advanced image enhancement filters that create clear, easy to interpret images. Deeper our 3D X-ray machine has inbuilt automated tools for BGA analysis, bump diameter and roundness, wire sweep, solder and QFN voiding to find defects and help to achieve A-610 and IPC-7095 compliance. Our machine is extremely build for long run and it does not require maintenance or filament change as a result inspection imagery is clear and repeatable today, tomorrow and every year.

Wave Soldering

Our company is equipped with state of art wave soldering machine to cater ingenious solutions to various complex PCB boards. Our conveyor type wave soldering machine helps you to achieve higher productivity and also helps you to fabricate sizable PCB boards for defense, navvy, aerospace, industrial and consumer. Our machine is equipped with top and bottom pre- heating systems (max pre- heater temperature of -200°C) to cover demanding needs at the same time maintaining high output with reliable soldering quality.

Wave Soldering FLDEC Systems