Functional Testing

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Functional testing is done in order to avoid assembly issues including shorts, opens, missing components (or) the installation of incorrect parts.

FLDEC Systems personalized test strategies assures your product is fully operatable before it is delivered to our customers and clients. Our engineers have mastered the art of functional testing in accordance with standards that are cosmically acceptable.

We coordinately work together with you to perform functional testing. Our group of test engineers preliminarily study, examine various aspects such as test scope, test instructions, design the test gears, set up the instruments, and prepare test doc that includes design and work flow.

Associate with us for turn-key functional testing aspects.

System Assembly & Testing

FLDEC Systems assembles a wide variety of parts for easy installation in products. We have the necessary material resource and knowledge to create assemblies as per needs in a cost effective and fast manner.

We develop CAD assemblies, detailed documents to ensure right specification. We combine products from different manufactures to encompass all issues pertaining to interfacing, wiring, routing and complex system integration.In addition to that we cater advanced packing solutions to all semiconductor fabs and OEMs. FLDEC System has the essential equipment’s to test after assembling. Our test procedure includes quality control testing and environmental testing.

Contact us today if you are looking for safe, secure, innovative system assembly and testing service. Then we are most likely the one who can cater you that.




EMI/EMC a stringent challenge for electronic manufactures today. It is said that it affects the ability of electronic devices. We provide full range of certification to meet your testing needs and cater validation service with the help of our unified EMI/EMC laboratory.

With advanced software technology we feed our service to numerous sectors ranging from aerospace and military to transportation and medical.We extend our EMI /EMC service to cover broad range of products arraying from pint-size consumer products to enormous industrial products.

We evaluate your products/systems. Ensure they are free of emissions, susceptibility and immunity and also aid you with product development in a cost effective, fast manner.

Space Grade Testing

We facilitate space grade testing service in a simple and effective way. Entire services are up-to-date as they are offered by high quality providers. FLDEC Systems high-quality space grade test services includes thermal test, mechanical test, radiation test, gravity test, erosion wear test, flammability test, salt corrosion test, material test, calibration, vibration, pyroshock, and EEE parts test. We do help you with assembly and integration,launch support, engineering and manufacturing service.

FLDEC Systems stick to significant standards to cater accurate test results according to schedule without compromising on quality.

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Do-178B/C, Do-254, Do-160

FLDEC System guides you with software test and hardware verification. We are expertised in DO-178B/C, DO-254, DO-160 compliant avionics systems. We provide testing solutions to critical avionics, commercial, military business and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) programs.

Zealous technical writers at FLDEC Systems prepare user manuals for your outcomes in accordance with strict standards. Our team coordinately integrate to assure quality testing, we also maintain test results and visual representations for a very long period making it cushy for the customers for any data requirements (or) up-gradations. We have a team of trained testers who cross checks the data, calibrate it again if necessary.

If faultlessness, truthfulness and meticulousness in testing is your demand, then more likely we are the people you have to seek.

Boundary Scan & Reverse Engineering

FLDEC Systems has a group of well informed wise engineers who yield quality boundary scan and reverse engineering service at relatively low cost. We extend our service to all kinds of vendors of electronic equipment manufacturing.FLDEC Systems takes care of boundary scan test, Our experts are quick at identification and visualization of disputes and expediting repairs. We aid organizations pace up their production by allowing their valuable engineers work on core product.

Reverse engineering method enables methods and services to define parts and products. FLDEC Systems cater everything from raw measurement data to engineering drawings corresponding to 3D CAD solid model. With latest contemporary equipment’s equipped at our laboratory we are able to inspect complex parts with ease and in less time we are able to aid you with product manufacturing service at low cost. Our reverse engineering capabilities includes digitizing&Scanning, Dimensional Measurement, 3D CAD solid molding, engineering drawings, etc.,

If reliable high quality test process with minimum upfront investment and on time delivery is your demand, then we are the one who can deliver you that.

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