Product Assembly

Product Assembly- FLDEC Systems

FLDEC Systems serves economical final product assembly and outsourcing. We have competitive employee resources and versed supervisors to bring a lucrative way to meet your product requirements. We’ve been helping front-end companies over a decade with product assembly (packing, storing, labeling and distributing). We are known for our short lead-time quality service.

FLDEC Systems acquires your components as well as assemble them there by enabling you to focus more on product development, moreover We have helped companies maintain their supply chain efficiently.

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Avionics Assembly

FLDEC Systems nimble to meet demanding needs in avionics. We innovate faster in an efficient way without compromising on safety, security and reliability. We aid government agencies, industry groups, customers with avionics assembly. Our Assemblers are fine trained to understand your design ideas and cater you with smart, improved, secured and efficient avionic assembly manufacturing service.

FLDEC Systems avionics assembly facility is controlled by temperature, humidity, ESD, etc., to ensure safe space grade avionics wiring. Our service capabilities includes design and value engineering, loom manufacturing, box wiring, accelerometers, emergency batteries, emergency lighting, production, testing and after sales.

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Avionics Assembly_FLDEC Systems

Wire harnessing

Wiring_Harness_FLDEC Systems

We have a separate wire harness manufacturing system to manufacture wires of thickness ranging from 12AWG to 28AWG. We offer one of a kind manual and automatic cable assembly solutions for diversified companies with superior quality wiring harness and on budget to our beloved customers.

We are versatile and we offer wide range of finishing equipment’s including nylon braiding, split and unsplit corrugate tube, PVC and fiber glass tube, spiral wrap, heat shrink, manual and automatic cable typing, high temperature reflector wrap, etc., Our phenomenal machines offers high level of automation through driven machine for cutting, I/O crimping, disassembling of all kinds of wires. Wires made here in FLDEC Systems are coated with unique resin technology such that they can withstand higher temperature and coarse situations.

FLDEC Systems conduct pull force testing, crimp height analysis, and cross section on all our machinery to guarantee customer gets quality wire harnessing every time. Our ability to design, redesign high complexity products in a short span of time have allowed rapid implementation for our customers. If you are looking for low cost with high quality wiring loom finish, then we are the one who can deliver you that.