Prototyping and testing with us reduces risks and speeds up your development process. Our expertise go beyond prototyping along with continuous emulation to provide end-to-end product life cycle solution. With years of know-how and in-depth experience in test emulation and prototyping we help our customers by providing proper guidance and service, which in turn will substantially reduce their time to market and in a cost effective manner.

FLDEC Systems have been equipped with necessary up to date technologies, state of art equipment for FPGA, ASIC/ Soc prototyping and testing. We take you one step closer to the market, furthermore our 3D-printers answers all your requirements for IoT devices, smart homes, green technologies, etc.,

Our capabilities include application specific integrated circuit designs on FPGAs, FPGA Hardware design and verification, Software design and development, testability, manufacturing, assembly and soft tooling.