There abides billions of wee electronic components in hearts of every electronic device we use day to day. We have extended our support in the fabricating of core of many consumer and wearable electronic products that you are using today. Our products are magnificent and superior, Our goal is to enter without a hitch into the live style of individuals and become an utilitarian part of them.

Industrial division has been one of the large-scale segments served by FLDEC Systems. The influx of IoT with special attention towards Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT) has enhanced connectivity & automation of factories and companies all around the world. We have integrated our company with latest methodology such as Industrial 4.0, Automation, AI, Cloud computing, IoT, Big data and analysis. With the integration of these methodology we are able to provide design, manufacturing services, solutions to various industries across diversified domains with ease. Our capabilities includes Automation devices, equipment machinery, power systems, instrumentation devices/ equipment’s, power tools, receivers, transmitters, electrical transmission, etc.,