FLDEC Systems overturns entire FPGAs -High Performance Computing or HPC evolvement starting off from designing the prototype to the final outcome. Our experienced schemers hustle around numerous areas of application and are trained on assorted programming software’s, interface design and algorithms.

High speed adaptable architecture by us caters compatible selection across diversified devices. Further, contemporary HPC firmware and software provided by us helps clients to perform perplexed tasks with ease. FLDEC Systems HPC firmware and software are supple to be operated on any operating system. Our interoperability ready to use IP cores are enabled for wired and wireless communication, aerospace and defense, video and image processing, industrial, cloud and data,etc.,

Our HPC’s are meticulously well build to process immense of data evolved by AI, IoT, automation sector, etc., Robust HPC’s build by us aids all-encompassing industries to attain their objectives with peace and pace.

FLDEC Systems group of primo engineers are veritably composed to meet world-beating requirements.