Our engineers are unique, and well versed. They understand the perplexed complications involved in designing and manufacturing products for aerospace, Naval defense, Ground defense and Space system with ease and cater our customers the level of expertise needed to overcome their technical challenges with respect to strict compliance and standards.

FLDEC Systems recurrently acts upon to build & develop unique, innovative, and robust products for aerospace and defense. Our products in turn plies high reliability, performance and accuracy.

We co-act with industries leading aerospace and defense OEMS, organizations, suppliers and offer broad range of board and system level engineering solutions. FLDEC Systems has designed, developed, and delivered plethora of aerospace and defense products to aerospace and defense organizations and contractors in India.

FLDEC Systems have catered juster design solutions and support to aerospace and defense industry over a decade. It gives us immense pride as products designed and developed by us are forging the make in India defense projects.