Schematic Design

The second phase of design cycle is schematic, It is the phase of design cycle in which the circuit design sketched is translated into software like OrCAD. FLDEC Systems consists of group of engineers who helps customer to develop endearing products by using schematic design as a primary gizmo for business development. Our schematic design engineers are skilled enough to understand the demographics, Marketing blitz in schematic design arena and use electronic design automation (EDA) tool to cater the same service that meets customer needs.

FLDEC Systems has aided schematic design service for a broad spectrum of industries including automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Consumer products and military Products. With worldliness we provide schematic design and development service across numerous verticals such as High-Speed digital boards, analog devices, complex programmable logic devices, field programming gate arrays, mixed signals boards and RF boards, other primary boards and perplexing boards.

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PCB Layout Analysis

PCB’s or Printed Circuit Boards are cynosure of modern electronics. Our group of PCB layout design engineers research, study hard and offer preeminent PCB layout design services to High-compactness, analog, RF, powersupply boards, etc., We cater the service as per standards that are cosmically acceptable. Our design ideology revolves around adaptability, scalability, operateability, testability, maintainability and reusability.

We use cutting edge technology, and advanced EDA (Electronic Design Automation), ECAD (Electronic Computer Aided Design) tools for layout scheming, and for analyzing signal integrity. We indeed have designed and developed PCB boards for assorted domains of function such as aerospace, defense, military, automotive, etc.,

If your looking for perfectly tailored, custom built PCB boards or elegant PCB layout design service for your business with broad perspective, Then it’s more likely we are the people who can deliver you that with high gratification.

FPGA Microarchitecture

We have aided numerous semiconductors fab across the globe with FPGA microarchitecture service. Our engineers have immense knowledge in various aspects of RTL design and verification makes sure that your design is bug free. We use up-to-date industrial jigs and methodology to cater high quality accurate, efficient microarchitecture FPGA design service.FLDEC Systems FPGA design engineers are experts at sub-system level microarchitecture development and RTL Coding.

Zealous design engineers at FLDEC Systems have hands on experience working with industries leading FPGAs (Intel, Xilinxs, Microsemi, Lattice, etc.,). With level of expertise they are able to integrate IP with sub-system and ensure that microarchitecture FPGA modules are properly structured. In addition to that our engineers are expertised in Logic design, VHDL programming,Verilog System coding ,and IP verification.

We strive hard to cater you good microarchitecture design structure with easy extendibility, adaptability, scalability, operatability, testability, maintainability and reusability.

We surely are the one who can cater cost effective, low power consumption, better frequency microarchitecture FPGA design service. Further more we aid and guide you with testing, verification, design modification, optimization, simulation, pitfall prevention, technology selection, etc.,

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FPGA /SoC Programming

We have fervent FPGA/SoCs, embedded programming team with wide range of experience working with wide range of FPGA tools (EDA tools, Vivado HLX, ISE Design suites, SDSoCs, SDAccel, reVISION, etc.,) and embedded-C language. Expertised FPGA/SoCs programming team at FLDEC Systems are able to develop firmware for higher end processors and applications with ease. Further, they have gained experience working on a variety of challenging embedded applications, high-speed communication protocols and interfaces, integration of custom ASIC peripheral and drivers, Image processing and object recognition projects, real time Big data streaming process, digital signal processing and algorithm optimization done for customers all around the world.

FLDEC Systems is always ready to help you promote your business intelligence under FPGA/SoCs, embedded platform. Our group of versed developers uses edge technologies to offer reliable programming service for your applications. We employ wide umbrella of programming platforms to develop programming code.

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Frimware / Device Driver

FLDEC Systems specializes in firmware/ device driver service. Withe the help of state-of-art technology, we are able to enable product engineering and software services. Our firmware/ device driver designers possess sound knowledge, and use unique optimization technique to develop safe, crash proof firmware/ device driver for programming languages, OS, tools, packages, micro controllers, processors, chipsets, and boards.

We help you with feasible firmware/ device driver design and implementation. Firmware/ device drivers designed and developed by us caters high optimization, faster validation and debugging capability. We newly surf, analyse, design and develop high performance firmware/ device driver (source code) or inherit, adapt and update existing firmware/ device driver (source code) and aid you overcome your business disputes with ease. FLDEC Systems firmware/ device driver provides various connectivity options. Some includes CAN bus connectivity, MOD bus connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, etc., further more we serve easy integration with cloud server, windows, android, and iphone.

Our design capability includes real time embedded software, bare metal firmware, and RTOS firmware development, networking protocols, protocol stack porting, OS porting/ migration, GUI, etc.,

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Software Design

The world has mightily grown to create more vastness for generating advanced technology day after day. FLDEC Systems has made it possible today. We completely redefine the software design solutions available out there in the market. Our group of software design engineers surf deeper into disputes, analyze, build, validate quickly and cater software solutions (design, test code, customize, and optimize) to reduce risks. We offer software solutions to individual small, medium, and large corporate companies.

Our software designers free your time as they continuously gear up,update themselves to offer software design solutions to perplexed assignments in defense and aerospace systems. We develop software codes as per ANSI-C and MISRA Standards to avoid risks of incompatibility downstream.

We extend our software design service for lowest 8- bit microcontroller to powerful 64- bit microcontroller (single/ multicore). We also aid you with embedded OS porting and BSP development, application and UX development, custom API development, full scale android customization and software optimization.

FLDEC Systems can guide you in design and implementation of convoluted software code perfectly right at the first time itself. We strive hard and invert new tools and libraries to reduce time and effort in software design development & testing. We performing pre- market test, focus on user experience, update to latest trends, track designs efficiency and design quality.

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Apps Development

FLDEC Systems provides desired app development solution that will full fill your needs. Our app development cycle revolves around conceptualization of ideas, creation of feature maps, architecture, design and development, test and monitor. IoT based mobile applications are advantageous as they automate, optimize process, and resources. Our group of developers develop secured, reliable, robust, and scalable IoT based mobile apps to deliver full-fledged smart automation solutions.

IoT based apps developed by our developers aid you with enhanced real-time performance, effective decision making, remote operation to operate your application and machineries any where and any time. We have a dedicated group of experts who have offered voice enabled, secured, cost effective,on time IoT apps with cloud interface for variety of home, industries, health care, automotive B2B/ B2C end users.

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