Portable & 3D CMM

We are known for providing high quality portable & 3D CMM inspection service at relatively low cost and on time. FLDEC Systems infact have catered their service across numerous industries including automotive, railways, marine, metal fabrication, etc., Our Portable and 3D CMM has single and double camera and is ideal for inspecting large and heavy parts, open and large tolerance parts.We take customer feed backs, request into considerations and render automated Portable and 3D CMM inspection.

FLDEC Systems features includes impeccable inspection results, easy to operate interface, high performance and excellent functionality.

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VMS & Profile Projection

FLDEC Systems is outfitted with most advanced VMS & Profile Projection systems. We have deployed our VMS & Profile Projection system across wide spectrum of machineries, industries ,automotive, electronics, aerospace,etc., for meticulous machine driven measurements

Enhanced motion control, high speed movement, software positioned in FLDEC Systems VMS & Profile Projection system has helped companies with easy interface with USB & S-Video cable, we have aided companies to achieve greater efficiency and higher stability. We ensure that the end product is defect free.

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Contour & Surface Tracing

With advanced high range, high resolution contour and surface testing equipment we are able to offer fussy contour and surface testing for automotive, bearing, gears, several other applications and industries.

High accuracy results, measurement integrity is what FLDEC Systems endeavor for, irrespective of roughness and waviness in devices. We have a group of experts having years of experience in contour and surface testing, we render reliable service and guidelines.

If comprehensive testing, precise analytical data is your requirement, then it is most likely us who can deliver you that.

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