IoT Enhanced Industrial 4.0

    The outbreak of Industrial 4.0 has brought radical change making the world canny&crafty, which in turn empowered bran-new prospects to revamp organizations,energy, transportation,cities, and automate mechanism via IIoT gears and robots. The IIoT uses contemporary technologies to collect datas from networked Sensors and Intelligent devices and analyze the info and aid companies in design, test, distribute, manufacturing and provide return and repair services with greater efficiency, quality and sustainability.

    As per survey reports upto 2015, 10% of factory tasks are been performed by robots, By 2030 the percentage is said to raise by 60%. Thus helping employees from working for longer hours, in complexed environments.

    Quintet IOT enabled technologies for safe, secure, smart and sustainable factory.

    • Enhanced visualization and Advanced simulation
    • Smart Manufacturing and Automation
    • M2M (Machine to Machine) Communication
    • Augmented Reality
    • Cloud

    Enhanced Visualization and Advanced Simulation

    Traditional Method of manufacturing and testing requires more time and some times there is huge amount of capital and resources being wasted. With enhanced visualization and advanced simulation the above aforementioned can be counter attacked.

    Visualization and Simulation empowers you to observe operations on required environment without having to physical perform that operation which sometime will lead to catastrophic situation. Simulation helps factory in becoming fully operational, aid you with equipment change, scheduling and maintenance. They indeed help you to build a sustainable closed loop cyber-physical system.

    Smart Manufacturing and Automation

    Smart manufacturing has wholly redefined manufacturing and has seamlessly changed full stack product development methodology in a jiffy with high customization ability and at low cost.

    Automation has reached a whole new level with the introduction of smart sensors they give better insights and enable IIoT robots to pull information to better perform their tasks with greater efficiency and aid you to predict your future productivity with fortitude.

    The new era of robots are highly intelligent and with the help of smart sensors they adapt themselves to newer environments with ease. In addition their sensors detect and stop if humans come in contact. They are reliable and it is completely safe to work with them for a longer period of time.

    M2M (Machine to Machine) Communication

    “M2M Communication” the elixir of future factories. Hardwired connections at manufacturing berth requires manual assistance from operator to check thru the issue and rectify it. The M2M communication has catered and delimitated manufacturing firms with wireless, touch-less maintenance.

    M2M communication made OMO (One- Man Operation) conceptualization possible, With M2M being enabled manufacturing machines started to free up operators for more value added work. It was possible to collect datas with meticulousness with only one operator for the whole manufacturing unit it in turn have raised productivity, value and revenue for modern companies.

    Augmented Reality

    The utility of AR has extended beyond the perception of gaming. The AR is making revolution in manufacturing and has provided enormous opportunities to optimize operations.

    AR in manufacturing helps in product development, prototype, and maintenance. They help you to gather and process data, information across all machines in industry, assist you with hardware integration and data visualization. AR enables the mean through which you’ll be in a position to interact with global operators all around the world to counter attack an issue, disputes on your firm thru visual guidance.

    AR will have significant impact on R&D and will aid you to deliver what exactly your customer wants.


    Cloud computing helps you to extract, analyze and store information about your machines and their behavior on the go. Cloud equipped machines auto send reports of their issues which in turn will help you to improve efficiency, quality and yields at low cost.

    Surplus amount of data and information from machines and their behavior for sure will help you with rapid scalability and accelerate your time to market attitude.

    Industrial 4.0 has brought a colossal revolution in manufacturing firm and It will be the key for achieving enormous potential in manufacturing, building feasible, extensile products. Quintet IOT jigs aforementioned will aid you to alphabetize, hike productivity, collaborate and edge data in real time.