“5G” Hastens Industrial 4.0…?!

    The next generation mobile communication technology 5G was designed to provide great capacity data speed with relatively ultra reliable low network latency. 5G actually will facilitate zero touch factory operations through IoT, AI, and Big data analytics. They in addition will provide enhancive experience to consumers and operators working with industrial IoT applications like AR, VR and cloud based services. IoT along with 5G wirelessly bridge industrial sensors, actuators, machines, appliances, etc., seamlessly to deliver horizontal and vertical integration down the entire vale chain throughout all layers of automation pyramid.

    5G will alleviate interactions of future applications across different platforms including optimization of street lights corresponding to weather (or) traffic, smart agriculture, industrial automation and manufacturing, health monitoring applications, autonomous and aerial vehicles, and remote control robots.

    Stable connectivity a major probe of Industrial 4.0. The introduction of 5G network slicing has hastened Industrial 4.0 in multifarious ways and has counterattacked the complexity involved in connecting different equipments together, they deliver discrete network infrastructure, speed, coverage, latency and reliability as needed to all end users.

    5G will provide peak data speed density of 1-20 Gbps, latency of 1-10ms. They will aid Industrial 4.0 companies to hasten and aid them connect thousands and millions of components / devices per km 2. They cater 99.99 percent reliable high-accuracy positioning, automation, mechanism, communication models, security, etc., 5G thus will be beneficial, and will act as an important key component in various industries. 5G will improve flexibility, versatility, usability of smart factories (Industrial 4.0). They enhance battery life, serve strong privacy and security.

    5G for sure will be an important aspect for industries in future. They certainly will deliver unified communication beyond mobile communication technology. 5G will have the potential to aid, amplify, accelerate and transform Industries.