Video and Camera

Video and camera systems designed at FLDEC systems are completely different and are wholly flexible thus used by Mapping agencies in Defense, Building Automation, Communication Equipment’s, Factory Automation & Control, Medical, Healthcare. Our video and camera systems can be reconfigured to incorporate new imaging algorithms as needed, they too provide real time image processing functions by using series of FPGAs. Using FLDEC systems video and camera systems in conjunction with other party systems can aid analysts to save ample amount of time in obtaining instant access to critical data for analysis & display all in real time working on a single workstation.

Computing and Display

FLDEC Systems manufactures steadfast computing and display systems. We develop display systems along with touch screen integration for embedded displays, AIO monitors, panel and PCs.

Veteran engineers and solution architecture at FLDEC Systems thoroughly go through, understand the requirements in various domains including medical, aerospace, military, navy, industrial markets,etc., and aid you with design, development, and deployment methodologies. Furthermore we develop cost effective, versatile, optical enhanced, purpose-built solutions as per needs and enable pint-size OEMs to get to market faster.

Acquisition and Storage

Acquisition and storage systems are used in industries to measure, record, analyze and present them in real world. They are equipped to measure various parameters such as voltage, current, power, pressure, flow, level, PH, humidity, and acceleration using different types of sensors and transducers.

FLDEC Systems acquisition and storage systems are known for their built in quality, superior reliability, high measurement accuracy and noise tolerance. Our acquisition and storage systems provide high channel scalability, signal conditioning, analysis capabilities, sample rates, mobility in accordance with environmental conditions. Our acquisition and storage systems have inbuilt data storage with improved utilization, reliability and network connectivity with enhanced data security and integrity.

Thus they have been used to record sensor data for a longer period of time in health care units. We do provide simple data storage management with increased network performance, speed at lower capital and management cost.

fldec_Acquisition and Storage

Processing and Recording

We manufacture effective data processing and recording systems which provides you the ability to manage, organize, and use data without any aggravation on real time. Our integrated central monitoring systems helps you with monitoring, processing (raw data into meaningful information) and recording while consuming only small amount of power.

Our data processing and recording systems help you to maintain quality control in machine by providing real time feedback about their behavior, performance, etc., across diversified domains including industries, medical, navy (radar tracking and display), automotive, and aerospace.

We have a wide portfolio of processing and recording systems that provide range of size and performance options. They are highly flexible to adapt to newer input devices such as frame grabber or camera interface cards, digital I/O modules or FPGA accelerated offload engines.

Our systems do support embedded computing applications with extreme level of security and intelligent system monitoring. Our outcomes are robust, reliable and posses high optimization to integrate with your applications.

Enclosure and Sub-assemblies

Being a preeminent designer and manufacturer we have integrated complex system enclosures and have aided some of worlds well know OEM companies.

We have designed and manufactured custom cabinets for indoor and outdoor applications some includes IT, data centres, computing and storage applications, gaming applications, multi media and medical. In addition to that we do offer sub-assembly and system (design, development, analyzing, integration) manufacturing capabilities. FLDEC Systems offers a comprehensive and cost effective outsourcing of sub-assembly systems.

We prototype, test, maintain and inspect enclosures and sub-assembly systems to ensure error free production. If you are looking for meticulously engineered pre-mounted enclosures and sub-assembly parts, then we are one who can deliver you that.

fldec_Enclosure and Sub-assemblies23