We offer complete range of CAD design service pertaining to mechanical engineering scope. 3D CAD modeling, 2D fabrication drawing, finite element analysis services by FLDEC Systems have aided manufacturing companies outrageously. With years of experience and know-how our mechanical engineers are able to understand the preplexed complications thus involved with ease and  with the experienced they gained they are able to help pint-sized, medium and large scale companies with pre-production and post-production(initial design to final product).

We are known for our cost effective, on time, high quality, innovative design approach. Our mechanical design engineers enroll themselves with predominant technologies and collaborate with ease. Further,  they take your ideas into consideration and carefully research and craft modules with the help of comprehensive machineries at our firm.

Our capabilities include (but are not limited) 2D & 3D CAD mechanical design and manufacturing, concept sketching, photo-realistic rendering, stress and strength analyzing, risk and safety improvements and suggestion, design management and support.

Contact us and let your engineers concentrate on core business.