Modernized Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) Possible Only With FLDEC Systems

Electronic consumers all around the world has evolved quite a lot in last 5 years, Leading demand in market needs leading technologies and machineries. We provide painstaking high end engineering and manufacturing service to all industries right from concept to creation.

FLDEC Systems have an array of first-rate contemporary machine driven test equipment’s to provide quality EMS.Our Industrial gizmos, state of art SMT lines, wave soldering machines provides unmatched extensiveness to all our customers around the world.FLDEC Systems Pick and Place machine is precocious providing maximum momentum of 1.5 L CPH (components per hour) with rigorous precision. In addition they provide cushy customization of new product production and are well suited to handle packages ranging from 10105x125x125mm.

Our Reflow oven with 9 heat zones and 3 cool zone provides control accuracy of ±1°C and ensures the components are extremely well mounted. Additionally our best in class 3D AOI provides unmatched inspection to ensure there are no shortcomings.We provide out of the world rework facility to all your PCB disputes with tremendous accuracy of ±0,040mm to 0,070mm with ostensible power usage of 5500VA. We use 5-8 bar 1001/min pressure of clean dry air to rework PCB boards.We provide ROHS lead free assembly service.

Furthermore we provide all kinds of wire harnessing service with industries leading methodology.

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