5G Wireless

FLDEC Systems forge the future of next gen wireless technology “The 5G”. With our expertise we bridge the gap between connectivity, capacity and performance. FLDEC Systems expeditiously help customers to develop applications, optimize hardware and software programmability that empowers diversified IoT, IIoT steered proposals of 5G. Additionally, we securely connect millions of high performance industrial gizmos with more scalability, flexibility and at faster pace.

Being a front runner we are able to subsume products with 5G capability and make lives simpler, faster and better. Our 5G solutions have answered problems in numerous spheres including Transport, Cellular IoT, Network Services, Automation, Mission Critical Applications, and fixed wireless areas. Further, FLDEC systems are capable of catering end users with enhanced VR/ AR experience, uninterrupted next-gen video delivery service and aid smart cities with IoT expansion.

We impact the lives of people in a positive way by reshaping market and raising market share and revenue with our cost effective 5g models.