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“5G” Hastens Industrial 4.0…?!


“5G” Hastens Industrial 4.0…?! The next generation mobile communication technology 5G was designed to provide great capacity data speed with relatively ultra reliable low network latency. 5G actually will facilitate zero touch factory operations through IoT, AI, and Big data analytics. They in addition, will provide enhancive experience to consumers and operators working with industrial IoT applications like AR, VR, and cloud based services. IoT along with 5G wirelessly bridge industrial sensors, actuators, machines, appliances, etc., seamlessly to deliver horizontal and vertical integration down the entire value chain throughout all layers of automation pyramid. 5G will alleviate interactions of future [...]

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IoT Enhanced Industrial 4.0


IoT Enhanced Industrial 4.0 The outbreak of Industrial 4.0 has brought radical change making the world canny&crafty, which in turn empowered bran-new prospects to revamp organizations, energy, transportation, cities, and automate mechanism via IIoT gears and robots. The IIoT uses contemporary technologies to collect datas from networked Sensors and Intelligent devices and analyze the info and aid companies in design, test, distribute, manufacturing and provide return and repair services with greater efficiency, quality, and sustainability. As per survey reports upto 2015, 10% of factory tasks are been performed by robots, By 2030 the percentage is said to raise by 60%. [...]

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